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TMA believes that architectural projects succeed when the design of the process is as important as the design of the project itself. By embracing the experience as a succession of human interactions, the focus becomes less about a particular style than about working together to create an environment that materially improves the life of the client.

Empathy: Connecting
We employ a human-centered approach. Starting with a needs assessment, we connect with clients to form a picture of what they want, resulting in a definition of goals from which to launch the design process.

Analysis: Understanding
We look at the physical constraints of the site and filter those through the zoning and planning requirements of the governing jurisdiction. We also look at cost considerations and determine what adjustments need to be made to keep the project on time and under budget.

Synthesis: Creating
Applying what we’ve learned in the previous exercises, we work through a series of concepts springing from our own design sensibility, which is decidedly modern, focused on light and space, with an appreciation of the absurd.  Once given the go-ahead, we assemble the construction documents to communicate the design both to the governing body for approval and to the contractors bidding the project as well.

Fulfillment: Implementing
Perhaps our most valuable service is our presence during construction. Building upon the thoroughness of our construction documents, we facilitate interaction between the contractor and the clients to ensure that the project is implemented as designed.

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